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Harris Kaplan

Managing Partner

Harris Kaplan, Managing Partner, has extensive experience on both the client and consulting sides of the life sciences industry. Harris is an expert at product positioning and segmentation, identifying unique opportunities for new and on the market products. His expertise comes from a long history in interviewing thousands of physicians, payers, and patients across many therapeutic categories.

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Lori Thompson

Managing Director

Lori Thompson, Managing Director, has over 30 years of experience in senior leadership roles in the medtech industry, with significant experience in marketing/sales, M&A, licensing and partnerships, and global P&L management. Her medtech experience encompasses devices and software products targeting the hospital, subacute, physician office, home, and telemedicine space.  Lori’s strengths lie in developing compelling global strategies and positioning, paired with targeted execution plans to achieve those strategies.

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Joe Plevelich

Managing Director

Joe Plevelich, Managing Director, has over 30 years of comprehensive senior management, P&L, sales/marketing and business development experience both on the client and consulting sides of the life science industry. He has built successful sales teams, corporate partnerships and distributor licensee operations worldwide.

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Erin Rooney

Engagement Manager

Erin Rooney, Engagement Manager, has over 10 years experience in medtech, data analytics, and project management. She has been a part of both US-based and global teams.

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