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The Problem: Over 50% of new products never achieve their pre-launch forecasts. 


What's needed is a better way to consistently measure the strength of the value proposition of new products in development – which to advance, prioritization of spend, how to enhance evidence generation for optimum market adoption.

The Solution: RAMPx assesses the strength of a new product’s value proposition quickly and affordably.

  • Consistent metrics that measure all the drivers/inhibitors of new product adoption (rational, economic, emotional, and social)

  • Captures the views and perspectives of all relevant stakeholders

  • Provides a synthesized view and common framework across products/companies, as well as competitors

  • Can be used across all types of products so it can be applied across the internal portfolio/licensing

    • RAMP Dx - Diagnostics

    • RAMP Rx - Drugs and devices

    • RAMP Tx - Therapeutics

RAMP dial.png

RAMPx: A Critical Input Into Forecast Development and Potential Risks

  • Goal is to make the RAMPx score and process utilized and accepted across the pipeline and operating units

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RAMPx: Assesses New Product Value in a Dynamic Environment

  • The RAMPx scores for a particular product provide an indicator of the dynamics that are likely to exist between stakeholders for any product.  Examples: Product 1 would be patient driven. Product 2 is likely to encounter strong payer resistance and physicians are not likely to counter a step-edit or PA imposed by payers.    

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RAMPx: Measures Up to 25 Drivers of New Product Adoption

  • Synthesized view across all stakeholders is highly predictive of market success

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RAMPx: Can Be Applied at Various Stages in Product Lifecycle        

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RAMPx: Project Approach

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RAMP Rx Case Study
RAMP Rx Case Study Background
RAMP Rx Case Study Results
RAMP Rx Case Study Results
RAMP Tx Case Study
RAMP Tx Case Study Background
RAMP Tx Case Study Results
RAMP Tx Case Study Results
RAMP Dx Case Study
RAMP Dx Background and Results
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