The Problem: Over 50% of new products never achieve their pre-launch forecasts. 


What's needed is a better way to consistently measure the strength of the value proposition of new products in development – which to advance, prioritization of spend, how to enhance evidence generation for optimum market adoption.

The Solution: RAMPx assesses the strength of a new product’s value proposition quickly and affordably.

  • Consistent metrics that measure all the drivers/inhibitors of new product adoption (rational, economic, emotional, and social)

  • Captures the views and perspectives of all relevant stakeholders

  • Provides a synthesized view and common framework across products/companies, as well as competitors

  • Can be used across all types of products so it can be applied across the internal portfolio/licensing

    • RAMP Dx - Diagnostics

    • RAMP Rx - Drugs and devices

    • RAMP Tx - Therapeutics

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RAMPx: A Critical Input Into Forecast Development and Potential Risks

  • Goal is to make the RAMPx score and process utilized and accepted across the pipeline and operating units

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RAMPx: Assesses New Product Value in a Dynamic Environment

  • The RAMPx scores for a particular product provide an indicator of the dynamics that are likely to exist between stakeholders for any product.  Examples: Product 1 would be patient driven. Product 2 is likely to encounter strong payer resistance and physicians are not likely to counter a step-edit or PA imposed by payers.    

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RAMPx: Measures Up to 25 Drivers of New Product Adoption

  • Synthesized view across all stakeholders is highly predictive of market success

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RAMPx: Can Be Applied at Various Stages in Product Lifecycle        

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RAMPx: Project Approach

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